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Bonded abrasives are natural or synthetic abrasive grains "bonded" into a solid form, usually in the shape of a wheel. Bonded abrasives products also include grinding and cut-off wheels, snagging wheels, segments, mounted wheels, plugs, and cones. Such kind of abrasives enjoy a wild applications. Bonded abrasives with different bonding agents give them different functions. iAbrasive divides bonded abrasives into 7 categories, including grinding wheels, cutting & grinding wheels, mounted points, hone/sharpening stone, grinding segments, cones & plugs, and others.

We From HMT Abrasives can serve variety of application and industries for their Bonded Abrasives/Grinding wheels requirements through CARBORUNDUM UNIVERSAL LTD & CUTFAST ABRASIVES TOOLS as an Authorized Distributor.


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