Crank Shaft & Cam Shaft Industries

Crankshaft Grinding

We can supply all types of Crankshaft Grinding wheels for grinding entire range of crankshaft used in various industries like.
1.Light & Heavy commercial Vehicle
2.Motor Cars
3.Two Wheeler
5. Ship Builders.

Camlobe Grinding

We have Conventional & Ceramic grain products in collaboration with free cutting bond like V2020, V500, VCAE gives excellent cutting action with excellent dimensional accuracy in camlobe Grinding application

Water soluble coolant

We Have entire range of water soluble coolant use for grinding of Crackshaft and camshaft with world class range of synthetic and semi synthetic water soluble range.

Measuring Instrument
CrankShaft Integrated Edition

We have special purpose make crackshaft and camshaft measuring DRO which has been made with multiple programming and data recording objective.

Diamond Dresser

We have entire range of diamond dresser for grinding of Crankshaft and Camlobe grinding wheels.

Coated Abrasives

We have entire range of coated abrasive products to be use in crankshaft and camshaft mfg.

Abrasive Rolls
Abrasive Belts
Abrasive Sheets etc..


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