Cleaners ( Soluble/solvent )

WE can serve CIMCLEAN and CUMICLEAN series of System and Part Cleaners are designed for Cleaning Machines, Central Systems, Coolant Lines, Produced Jobs etc. It removes slime, dirt, oil and hard water residue, thereby enhancing the life of the metal working fluid. All products are Water Soluble Alkaline Cleaners which can work at Ambient Temperatures giving a huge savings on Power Consumption.

Process & Production Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Burnishing Spray Washers gives excellent results Compounds, Spray
Wash Cleaners. Usage with Ultrasonic and Spray Washers gives excellent results. Ultrasonic and Spray Washers gives
excellent results.


Himanshu Machine Tools.
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Phone: 00(9272) 222 0626  

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